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Why Should We Have a Corporate Blog?

Having a well planned and executed corporate blog creates a positive impact for both your online reputation and your business. There are some key aspects that you can use to make your corporate blog better suited to your digital marketing strategy and social media campaigns.


Market Information: You can provide your subscribers important weekly or monthly data about your sector.

Market News: Content about new trends and outlook on your market will increase the value of your blog.

Customer Problems: You can create content about the areas your customers experience problems. This positive communication will increase the customer interest to your blog.

Positive Examples: You can create content by personal stories about your satisfied customers. Your loyal customers will be pleased to get their own stories published.

Interview Videos: Interviews with some of your current customers can be a good reference point for your brand. These videos will enhance your persuasion.

Wide Range of Content: A wide range of content about different service and product groups will be useful for your readers.

Gathering Opinions: It will be beneficial for you to follow other blogs related to your line of business.

Insider Info: You can ask your own employees to create content about your market.

Leading Content: You can create a series of blog posts to tell people what to do and how to do it. Your customers can employ your information to put your services/products to better use.

Leading Video: You can supplement your leading content with informative videos, making them easier to understand.

Drafts: You can save your ideas by creating drafts, and saving them for future to be detailed.

Blog Icon: You should have an attention grabbing icon for your blog.

Sharing Experience: Sharing your experience and real stories about the market will increase reader interest to your blog.

Presentations: You can include your presentations on your blog by using SlideShare links.

Measurements: You can publish surveys and measurements in your blog.

Headlines: It is important to have catchy headlines to get user attention.

Sharing: You should have easy sharing links to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for your users. Your corporate blog should also include RSS and “share with e-mail” links.

Ease to Read: Subtitles and bullets should be used whenever possible to make the content easier to read.

Visualization: You should use interesting pictures, screenshots and icons to visually enhance your blog.

Language: You should use a sincere language in your blog.

SEO: Your blog content should be optimized for search engines through SEO methods.

Corporate Site: You can use a banner of your blog in your corporate site to direct traffic.

Make It Fun: Last but not least, you should make things a little bit fun in your blog! Your blog should be consistent with your corporate site, but a bit different on the fun side.


The power of corporate blogs has not been fully explored yet, so there is a great room for improvement. Most successful examples are TEB blog (, which is the first banking blog of Turkey and shares information about banking, finance, services, finance experience, campaigns and many other aspects of banking; Turkcell‘s corporate blog (, which shares content created by Turkcell employees, and GittiGidiyor corporate blog (

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